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These stories, research projects and technology capabilities from Microsoft and its partners around the world, are a great start to unravel the magic behind AI in health and understand how systems of intelligence are changing the lives of patients and the work of medical practitioners.

Optimizing Operational Effectiveness

Partner projects
Research projects

Skype Translator

Skype is on the cusp of offering almost-real-time spontaneous translation. This application could just about eradicate delayed diagnoses and treatment due to language barriers; whether you’re a traveler or an immigrant in a country where you don’t speak the language, you’ll no longer be separated by language from medical care when you need it.


Seeing AI

Seeing AI uses computer vision and natural language processing to describe a person’s surroundings, read text, answer questions and even identify emotions on people’s faces. It can be used as a cell phone app or eventually, via smart glasses, to provide another layer of information for people using traditional mobility aids such as white canes and guide dogs.


Microsoft Services Advanced Analytics Solutions Accelerate Digital Transformation for Healthcare Organizations

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics is healthcare's next big thing. AI is a collection of systems that sense, comprehend, act, and learn. By applying our AI technologies, we empower our customers to make better data-driven decisions and take actions that drive better patient and business outcomes.

Through Microsoft technologies, healthcare organizations can realize a range of new capabilities that provide unprecedented levels of awareness, understanding, insight, responsiveness, and agility across their ecosystem.

Machine learning combats fraud in healthcare claims

Fraud is a serious and growing problem in healthcare claims. Combined Microsoft technologies can process over 30 million claims to recognize patterns and identify hospitals that inflate claim codes. This application has already discovered over $100K in overpaid claims.

Patient Volume Forecasting

Microsoft Services Patient Volume Forecasting takes a customer-centric approach to ignite data-driven digital transformations for healthcare organizations. It does this by gathering and crunching massive amounts of data quickly and intelligently to identify patterns often overlooked or undiscovered in the traditional delivery of care. The solution harnesses the power of AI, data, and Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud to surface predictive and cognitive insights for improved forecasting.

Connected Health

Becton Dickinson teamed with Microsoft Services to develop a connected health vision. They doubled efficiency with strategic consultation and learning how to maximize the benefits of Azure Cloud. BD envisioned a world where its devices could "talk" to each other via the Internet and wireless connectivity, but they were also looking for a way to improve the flow of data used to drive health decisions.

“What Microsoft and our digital transformation enables is really making sure that every single patient gets the best, most appropriate, safest care, and that when we start sharing those individual data points and individual stories that are told by the data, we’re actually addressing problems on a global basis.”

David Feygin, VP of Health IT Innovation and Integration, Becton Dickinson.


Intelligence to Improve Patient Care

Shanghai Children’s Medical Center teamed with Microsoft Services to improve patient care by bringing clinicians easy access to patient information at their fingertips. The clinicians at SCMC can now make timely, well-informed decisions to improve health outcomes. Hospital management can monitor the key quality measures in real time, resulting in significant improvements to the KPIs related to medical quality and patient safety. This enabled them to improve hospital operations, reducing errors by 11%, lowering average length of stay by 3%, decreasing duplicate work by 5%, and increasing revenue by 10%.

“What really touched us was the whole Services team from Microsoft. With an excellent medical background, they could very well understand what our doctors need, what the hospital cares about most, and what difficulties are confronting the hospital””

Qingying Ji, Vice President, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center



CGI Proper Pay

CGI ProperPay is an end-to-end solution to combat the waste, fraud, and abuse associated with healthcare claims. The solution helps organizations predict hidden patterns and anomalies within claims data and uses analytics to prevent fraudulent activity.

CGI ProperPay provides predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices, available in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Key features include:

  • Advanced algorithms to predict hidden patterns and anomalies within the entire claims data universe to identify high-potential claims for recovery.
  • Analytics to prevent fraudulent activity and keep patients safer, allowing staff to easily identify patterns and research claims as well as audit data through a series of views and dashboards.
  • Security to protect health information: the Microsoft Azure Cloud meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.
  • Technology to identify, stop and recover improper payments to preserve healthcare funds and revenue.
  • The solution is configurable to an organization’s specific business rules and reimbursement methodologies.



Capita Healthcare Decisions Bot Framework

Applying Capita Healthcare Decisions’ clinical protocols in a Microsoft bot framework results in a safe and accessible assessment of symptoms and will lead to a recommendation of the right care at the right place and at the right time - regardless of the patient’s location. This solution is intuitive and familiar to use and built with the user at the forefront of the functionality.

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KenSci is a Risk Prediction Platform, built for healthcare. KenSci's Machine Learning powered SaaS platform enables some of the largest health systems in the world predict cost risk at a population level and prescribe operational risk mitigation at care coordination level.

KenSci's deployment delivers ROI in 12 weeks and integrates across EMR, Claims, Staffing and Socio-economic data. Recent deployments include:

  • Per Member, Per Month profitability prediction for a 2B USD health system in US, helping the customer identify over 4.5% in bottom line savings.
  • Emergency Department Load prediction for one of the largest pediatric care hospital systems in US., enabling them to staff optimally.
  • Hospital Acquired Condition (HAC) and Sepsis Risk prediction for admitted patients for one of the largest ACO in US., helping them reduce readmission and mortality.
  • Length of Stay prediction and Discharge Planning for one of largest Federal Health System, enabling better post-discharge care coordination.
  • Rx Cost bench marking and prediction for one of Asia's largest integrated health systems, helping them benchmark Rx Cost and optimize cost of care delivery.


Case study: Machine learning and AI to reduce hospital readmissions (US)
This video highlights how data scientists and clinicians are using machine learning solutions from Microsoft to predict and lower risks of patients being readmitted to hospitals.

Case study: Improving operational effectiveness (APAC)
Based in Singapore, Fullerton Health is a leading provider of corporate healthcare solutions across Asia Pacific with 200 facilities in five countries. This video use case summarizes their strategic adoption of advanced analytics from Microsoft to improve both financial and clinical effectiveness in 200 clinics spread across five countries.